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This is a translation of the article in the Ukranian magazine.


An Ukrainian company has developed a new type of storage device for casks.  Head of the company is Mr Alexander Pullegulov, who has more than 15 years experience from working with a Crimean Wine producer in Yalta producing Massandra  (Translator comment: a sweet wine).

Today casks for maturation of whisky, bourbon, cognac, rum and other spirits are stored in ware houses for many years.

Mr Pullegolov has a patent pending for a wheel cask storage rack (CaskAid®) where the casks are fixed to a big rotating rack. Up to 40 casks can be fitted to the same rotating rack depending of size of the casks (hogshead, butts, barriques, pipes etc). By rotating the rack every day at a very slow speed (0.01 rpm), until one revolution is completed, the interchange with the alcohol and the oak of the cask is much higher, than if casks are stored in the traditional way.

The trials have shown that by using this principle, the time for maturing can be reduced to between 1/3 – 1/9 compared to traditional maturation. This depends on type of alcohol, size of casks and if the casks are 1st, 2nd or refill and rotation direction. It is inevitable that the evaporation (a.k.a. angles share) will increase by between 25-50%, also related to the type of cask, but also on temperature, humidity etc.

Up to 5 rotating racks can be mounted on the same shaft, driven by an electrical motor.

The wheels and shafts are built of carbon fibre composite to make a light but very rigid construction. These parts are made in a 12 meter long Autoclave in Kolho, Finland. The racks are pre-assembled in a factory 20 km north of Kiev. The lightweight construction and module design makes it easy and quick to install.


The first unit will be placed in a bonded warehouse in Scotland. All permissions are not ready yet and Mr Pullegulov can’t say the exact location. New spirit from a Speyside distillery will be stored for three years. This is the minimum stipulated time for maturation of Scotch whisky. However with this new method for maturation this will correspond to at least 9 years for malt whisky matured in the traditional way.

The single malt whisky will be launched 2016. The focus will be on the growing market for premium whisky in Russia and Ukraine.  Russia is today the 7th biggest export market for Scotch whisky.

Mr Pullegulov showed a prototype of the bottle, which will be launched and he is confident that the company will be successful.


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