Glenlochy Distillery - Charity Auction ENDED
last updated April 8th 2013



I am spending 3 days with elephants celebrating my 60th birthday. Every Christmas as a child I saw the movie “Elephant boy” from 1937 and the main event for me, when visiting a circus, was to see the elephants.


As many of you know I am also interested in whisky in general and in Glenlochy distillery and spirit safes in particular.
Last year I bought the only 17 bottles Glenlochy from cask 2453 – distilled 1980 and bottled 2008 and got a special label on the bottles.

My friend Rolf Lindberg, who is a carpenter, has made special boxes for these bottles. The boxes are miniature spirit safes.

One of these bottles is now on auction. If you are interested in making a bid please send an email to and give your bid in EUR. The auction will end April 8th at
9 am (GMT+1) 2013. The result (without name of the bidders) can be followed at the bottom of this page. 

I understand if some people may consider this auction to be just another auction to get marketing effects of a brand. However the difference being is that Glenlochy is closed and will always be.

Elephantstay has a focus on retired elephants but has also a nursery. Today 90 elephants are living here and it is a non-profit organisation. You can read more here I can really recommend this place!

Soi one of the elephants at had two drams of Glenlochy and liked it. However it was more a teasting than a nosing....

Due to the spirit laws in Sweden the highest bidder makes a donation direct to Elephantstay and I will send free of charge as a gift (including freight):

1 - bottle of Glenlochy, 28 year old, cask# 2453 Aug 1980/Oct 2008, 49.8%, DT/SinglemaltsDirect for

1 - Spirit Safe Box for above bottle, handmade

1 – T-shirt (in your size)

1 – The photo book “Glenlochy – The Very Silent Distillery”

BIDS (latest update April 8th 18.00 (GMT +1)

1. March 8th 500 €

2. March 16th 530 €