Spirit Safes Producers

Below are the producers of spirt safes I have found. Last updated January 1st 2014.





  R.G Abercrombie & Co, Alloa RGA Click on the image to expand/shrink

In 1790 John Miller set up The Alloa Copper Works in Banks Street. Inc 1850 Robert Willison took over a bell hanging and smith´s company in New Entry which moved 1859 to Cunninghar Close. In 1861 Robert Willison took over The Alloa Copper Works and a later also Weir Copper & Brass Works in Sunderland and the Morayshire Copper Works in Rothes. He died in 1885 and his sons Robert and John took over the business. The factory in Banks Street was closed and they decided to concentrate to Alloa and the factories at Rothes and Sunderland were sold in 1933. The factory at Rothes were sold to Alexander Forsyth (see below) R.G Abercrombie started the Broad Street Engine Works in Alloa in 1878 and shared the premises with Millers at Cunninghar Close. In 1880 he formed R.G Abercrombie, Engineer, Millwright and Machine-Maker. R.G. Abercrombie died in 1926 and his company took over Millers. In 1948 Abercrombie was taken over by Distillers Company Limited DCL. In 1965 the factory was moved to a new site. The official name of the company is now Diageo Abercrombie & Company Ltd.

Robert Armour and Sons Armour

Coppersmith of Campbeltown was established 1811. Robert Armour was born 1787. His sons Archibald and Robert took over the business. The still books of Robert Armour was found among the family papers and covers the period from 1811 to 1817. The company produced about 400 stills in the period covered by the book. The factory was in Longrow close to Lochside distillery. In 1925 Robert Armour & Sons bought Glengyle distillery on an auction for a depot. In 1948 the company seased to exist.

Banffshire Copper Works (Alex Grant, Dufftown) AG
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This company was taken över by Forsyths in 1981

Bennet & Faulds
This company was located at 169 Finnieston Street in Glasgow. In 1902 Thomas Bennet and Alexander Faulds decided to split.

Blairs of Glasgow Blairs Click on the image to expand/shrink
The firm of Blair, Campbell & McLean was established in 1838 and by 1870 occupied premises at Scotland Street, Glasgow, Scotland. Initially the company specialised in sugar machinery, but later it moved into the production of all types of copper goods, including those for the distilling, brewing and confectionery industries. In 1904, the business moved to Woodville Street, Glasgow, and was incorporated as a limited company, Blair Campbell & McLean Ltd. In the 1920s, the company opened a London office and in 1930 it became known as Blairs Ltd. In 1945 the ordinary share capital of Blairs Ltd was acquired by The Mirrlees Watson Co Ltd, sugar machinery manufacturers, but the two companies continued to trade independently. Blairs Ltd ceased trading in 1977.

John Dore London BlairsClick on the image to expand/shrink
The company is successor to Aeneas Coffey & Sons, established in Dublin, Ireland in 1830 and in London, England, UK in January 1835. On 25th March 1872 the business was made over to John Dore. John Dore made the first Coffey still for grain whisky. The company is now in GUILDFORD, Surrey and owned by David Pym..

Fleming Bennet McLaren & Co Fleming Click on the image to expand/shrink
The company was in Cranstonhill Glasgow. The spirit safe at SMWS Leith which was taken from Ardbeg was produced by this company.
(see also Bennet & Faulds - above)

Forsyths, Rothes Forsyths Click on the image to expand/shrink
The company was establised 1890. Alex Forsyth worked for Robert Willison who bought the Rothes copperworks of Morayshire Copper Works. Willison had plants at Rothes, Alloa and Sunderland. In 1933 the manager Alex Forsyth at Rothes plant bough the factory and the manager at the Alloa plant R.G Abercrombie bought that plant. Alex son Ernest Forsyth took over the business and introduced welding of copper stills instead of the traditional way of riveting. Richard Forsyth took over the business from his father when he was 31 years old. In 1981 Forsyths bought Alex Grant of Dufftown. www.forsyths.com

LH Stainless McM_E
The company was started in 1986 by Leaster Hearden. On retiring he sold the business to the brothers Garry and Stewart Fraser.
The company is located in Towiemore, Keith5 and makes products and services. www.l-h-s.co.uk

Archibald McMillan Ltd McM_E McM_P
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The company was established 1867. In 1974 the company moved from Edinburgh to Prestonpans. www.coppersmiths.co.uk

Miyake Industries Co Ltd
The company is in Osaka Japan and produces equipment for the beer, whisky and other liquer producers. www.miyake-seisakusyo.co.jp

Northern Fabricators LimitedWillison Click on the image to expand/shrink
The company was established in 1986 and is in Elgin. www.norfabs.co.uk

Robert Willison Willison Click on the image to expand/shrink
The company was established in 1790 and 1861 Robert Willison tooh over (see R.G Abercrombie)

Vendome Copper and Brass Works Inc, USA
The company is over 100 years old and placed in Louisville, Kentucky USA. Vendome has delivered spirit safes or tail boxes as they are called in US to many american distilleries. www.vendomecopper.com

If you have additional information of the manufacturer of the spirit safes please send an email to spiritsafe@glenlochy.com

Many thanks to
Richard Forsyth, Forsyths
David Allen, Archibald McMillan Ltd
David Pym, John Dore Co Ltd

for their valued information. Information also taken from article by Alex Kraaijeveld Celticmalts and The Kintyre Mag and from "The History of R.G. Abercrombie" by Simon. K. Marshall