The Pattison Crash
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14th of June 1899 the Duddingston 45 quarter brewery was on Auction. The brewery had been built 3 years earlier and was modern. The upset price was £45,000 and a lot of people attended the auction but as there was no offers the sale was adjourned.
Two weeks later it was up for sale again - now the upset price was £40,000 - a lot of people but no bids.
A third auction was held July 25th and the upset price was now £30,000 and it was bought by Mr Robert Deuchar, Newcastle-on-Tyne.He was born in Scotland but moved to Gatehead in England. "He gradually extended his connection with public houses, and in the run became a wholesale as well as a retail merchant, and one of the smaller "kings" in the English ring. Tied houses, as they are designated, are not supposed credulously-inclined persons to exist in Scotland, but in England it is different. A spade is called a spade."

End of June it was reported that "the ring in the whisky trade" would buy the whisky to avoid so preventing them coming on the market and a meeting was planned for July 7th. The value of the stock was £150,000 - £200,000 including brandy, wine etc but the time for offers was extended
to July 14th for:
Rums, £4689 19s 4d;
bottled rums £21 3s 6d;
brandies, £21760 1s 3d;
bottled brandies, £2318 5s; (total brandies £24,078 6d 3d);
gins, £331 19s,
port, £12,667 6s;
claret, £1986 ;
sherry, £3069 15s;
liqueurs, £319 10s 11d;
champagnes, £2805 12s;
hock and moselle, £45;
Burgundy, £125;
blended whiskies, £54,307 Is 3d;
bottled whiskies, £1997 1s.
Stock of balances, consisting of Highland and Lowland malts, blended whisky, new and old grain. Irish malts and Irish pot, £729 18s 3d.
Duty-paid stock — £25,319 1s 3d, including:
Wines in bins, £11,400 13s 2d;
claret Giles Street, £1773 2s 4d,
bulk wines in stock at Wellington Place, £663 11s 6d;
sherry, £233 4s 6d; stock in duty-paid cellars—ground floor, £1676 5s 7d;
bottling cellar, £490 3s 6d;
second flat, £434 2s 7d;
fourth flat (champagnes, &c.), £8675 3s 7d;
casks containing wines and spirits in bulk in duty-paid cellars, £62 14s 6d.
Free stock of grain whisky, £6594 3s 2d;
free stock malt whiskies, £15241 5s 4d.

The reserve price was £134,000 for the whole lot and no offers came to that amount. The lot should be spltted.

It took until March 1900 until the stock in London was up for sale:
PORT 137 pipes, 106 hhds, 216 qr-casks Shipped by Graham, Hunt Roope, Teage, Dixon, Morgan Brothers, Guimaraens, &c. Vintages 1894, 1896, &c.
SHERRY 64 butts, 141 hhds. 34 qr.-casks. Shipped by M. Misa, &c. 1s. 3d. and 3s. Duty
CLARET and BURGUNDY 251 hhds
BRANDY 12 puns, 329 hhds, 585 qr.-casks Hennessy's 1895 vintage, Pinet-Castillon 1869 vintage, Planat's 1859, 1865, 1867, 1870,1887, 1889 and 1895 vintages, &c.
IRISH WHISKY 14 butts, 257 hhds, 280 qr.-casks Phenix Park 1887, 1889 Avoneil, 1887, Bandon 1894, &c., Blend of John Jamesons and other Old Irish Whiskies, &c.
RUM 34 puns, 143 hhds, 29 qr casks Jamaica landed in 1895. Old Vatted, 12 years old. Royal Naval Reserve, &c.
BOTTLED WINES AND SPIRITS, CHAMPAGNES, 2,713 cases Moet's Dry Imperial, 1884, 1893; Veuve Clicquot's Dry, 1893; Perrier Jouet's Extra Quality; Pommery's Extra Sec ; Jules Mumms Extra Dry, 1893 Giesler's Extra Superior, 1893; Ayala's Extra Quality, 1893; G.H. Mumni's, &c. SHERRY 1,540 dozens Shipped by Garvey, Wisdom and Warter, &c.
SCOTCH WHISKY 3,036 cases Gordon, Glenfarclas - Glenlivet, Golden Eagle, Morning Dew, Red Dragon, Eisteddfod, &c.
IRISH WHISKY 451 cases John Jameson's ***, and finest Liqueur, &c.
BRANDY 739 cases Hennessy's, Hines, Otard's, Lanson Pere and Fils, Carnot's, Leon Perrent and Co.'s, Jules Faure's, &c.
83 cases Hock, Moselle, Liqueurs, &c.

End of March following lots were on auction in Edinburgh:
Comprising over 10,000 DOZENS,
CLARETS.Shipped by Johnston, Rosenselm, O'lanyer, Gontier, Lebegue, &c.
PORTS-Shiped by Clode & Baker, Kopke, Fenerheerd, Fonseca, Offley, Forrester, Dixon.
SHERRIES.-Shipped by Cozens, Gonzalez Byass, Cosart, Gordon. Campbell, &c.
CHAMPAGNES.- Ayals, Giesler, Moet, L Roederer.
WHISKIES. - Scotch and Irish, in all Pattinon's Brands.
BRANDIES-Shipped by Martell. Hennesy, Otard, &c.

Following buildings were on auction July 12th:
The offices at Constitution street (164-172)
The upset price was £7,000.
The Excise bonded warehouse Nos. 28, 29, and 30 Yardheads, Leith (Offices and Large Warehouse, with Cellar Accommodation)
The upset price was £4,500.

There were no bids on the auction but the offices were sold October 19th. They were sold for £6250. "The Purchase was made by Mr John Hastie, solicitor, acting on behalf of a client whose name was not divulged".
The furnitures in the offices were sold on auction October 24th.

August 2nd following building were up for sale:
Warehouses at Breadalbane Street, Leith
- Duty-free store (eight store and basement)
- Duty-free store (five floors and attics)
- Duty-paid warehouse (five floors and wash-housing)
The upset price was £25,000.
It was sold for this price to Messrs Wallace and Guthrie W.S for the Distillers Company Limited.

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