The Pattison Crash
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"What Happend When?
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When Alfred Barnard visited Pattison, Elder & Co he writes:
      Whilst perambulating this room (the sampling and sale room), our guide produced an enormous album containg a copy of every label in use by Mersrs. Pattison, and numbering no less than 136 varieties. Ninety-six of these are Scotch Tartan, each label representing a different clan. These labels exhibit elegant specimens of artistic taste, and show what can be done in the printer's art.

Here are some if the brands:
Morning Dew (Scotch blended)
Morning Gallop
Royal Gordon (Scotch blended)
Royal Gordon Perfection (Scotch blended)
Glenlivet-Glenfarclas (Scotch blended)
Auld Licht (Scotch blended)
Okay (Scotch blended)
The Doctor
Ronald Gordon
The Golden Eagle Blend
Rossmoyne (Irish)
Dews of Slievemore (Irish)

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Thanks to Jukka Kettunen, Finland for the label above
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The text is:
Analytical Laboratory, Surgeons Hall, Edinburgh, 28th September 1891
I have made a careful chemical analysis of Old Vatted Glenfarclas Glenlivat, blended with
other whiskies forwarded to me by Messrs Pattison, Elder & Co, Leith and London, in
bottles closed with branded corks and capsuled and find the whisky to be excellent
quality free from noxious substances and properly aged. It possesses good flavour, is of
full strength and is in all respects a first class spirit.
Stevenson Macadam, Ph. D. F.R.S.E, Lecturer of Chemistry

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Royal Gordon Perfection Whisky - McTears July 2011 - Hammer Price £1900,-
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