Glenlochy Distillery - Drawings last updated January 1st 2014

The Scottish Malt Distillers Ltd (SMD) had step-by-step programme of modernisation and re-equipment of Glenlochy. These drawings show the tun room. These drawings are from 1959.

tun1 tun 2
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1944 Joseph Hobbs bought Ben Nevis and the old Nevis distillery. He sold Nevis same year to Train & McIntyre (owner of Glenlochy). 1953 Distillers Company Ltd (DCL)/ Scottish Malt Distillers (SMD) buys Train & McIntyre. SMD made also changes to Nevis distilliery/Lochaber maltings and the drawing below shows the matings.

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These drawings show the destillery before it was converted to apartments. Many thanks to Ronnie Neil (Bruce & Neil Chartered Architechts, Oban) for the drawings.
ocean ocean ocean

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